Theory test study tips

Student studying on laptop


Sitting your theory test so you can become a driver is an important step in your life. And a quick look at the pass rates show it’s not as easy as many people think. The highway code contains a great deal of information that you need to learn, so make sure you do everything possible to prepare for it as best you can. Here are a few theory test study tips to help you along the way:

1. Study for it as you would any other test

Don’t take it lightly just because it’s not part of your school work. If you want to pass then you’ll need to really apply yourself as there’s a lot to learn. In some ways much of it is common sense but there are plenty of tricky bits like the give way rules. It’s also important information that you will need to know and understand properly when you start driving.

2. Do a practice highway code test online

Doing a free online mock theory test can help you quickly run through a lot of different questions relating to the highway code and test how you’re doing. You can learn as you go, as well as identify which sorts of questions you feel you need more practice on. And we’ve also got a highway code signs test. And as well as the tests on our website there are many more available online too.

3. Summarise and paraphrase

Reading the highway code book is an essential part of your theory test study, and we recommend you take notes as you go. Paraphrase the questions and answers into your own words making sure you retain the original meaning. To do this you have to really understand the meaning of the material, rather than just reciting it in parrot fashion. After all, the reason you’re studying is not just to pass the test, but ultimately it’s so that you know what you’re doing on the road. It’s your safety you’re studying for so it’s well worth the effort!

4. Create flash cards

As you work your way through the Highway Code book you can create flash cards of the things you find difficult to remember. Write these down on card and then you can flick through them on the bus or whenever you have a spare moment. If paper based cards are too old school then there are apps for creating flashcards on Android and iOS.

5. Break it up and reward yourself

Think about the great things that being able to drive will allow you to do as this can be a motivating force. But also set yourself smaller targets such as knowing all the road signs and then treat yourself once you’ve achieved that goal. Breaking things up into smaller chunks like this can make it seem less daunting and more manageable.

6. Get family and friends involved

Chances are some of your friends are looking to do the test at the same time as you. Meet up with them and practice together so you can help each other learn. Your family will want you to become a safe driver and you may have brothers or sisters who’ve just done the test. Get them to help you by asking you questions.

7. Set a date for your theory test

Even if you don’t officially book your test in until you’re ready, setting a provisional date can give you something to work towards and create some momentum for you to get your study underway.

Happy studying and good luck with your theory test study – if you still want more then this video is very good too!