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Test your knowledge of the UK highway code. This mock theory test contains multiple choice questions from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) revision question bank.

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The average score for this mock theory test is 83%. Can you beat that?

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What do I need to study for the theory test?

You can practise with the highway code study series on this website and we also recommend you consult the following resources:

There is also a lot of valuable information on the official government website.

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A lot of people don't pass the theory test on their first attempt. Here you can see what the passing rate is for your age and gender.

This tool is based purely on historical demographic information sourced from the DVSA. It doesn't take into consideration the most important factor which is how many practice theory tests you do!

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The age you need to be to apply for your provisional licence. You need to have this before you can take a theory test.


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