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  • You must not use hazard warning lights when moving, except when slowing suddenly on a motorway or unrestricted dual carriageway to warn the traffic behind. Never use hazard warning lights to excuse dangerous or illegal parking.

What do I need to study for the theory test?

You can study the highway code on this website and we also recommend you consult the following resources:

There is also a lot of valuable information on the official government website.

What is a mock theory test?

A mock theory test imitates the official DVSA theory test you will take as part of getting a UK driving license.

There are different theory tests for drivers of cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses and coaches. The questions in this mock theory test relate to the car theory test. These are the official revision test questions which we have reproduced here under licence from the DVSA.

The official car theory test you will have to pass will have 50 questions. In order to pass you will need to get 43 out of 50 correct – or 86%. There is also a hazard perception test in which you will view videos and identify hazards.

The test isn’t supposed to be unnecessarily difficult or try to trick you. It is just to ensure you have an appropriate level of understanding necessary to drive safely in the UK.

You are normally eligible to take the car theory test from your 17th birthday onwards.

What do I need before sitting my theory test?

Your need to get your provisional driving licence before you can sit your theory test. This allows you to drive a car providing you have someone supervising you while you are driving. This may be a driving instructor or someone else who meets the rules, eg family or friends. You can drive on all road types except for motorways. Whenever you are driving a car you must ensure that you display ‘L’ plates to show other drivers that you are a learner driver.

You can apply for your provisional driving licence from the age of 16 years and 9 months here.

How do I book my theory test?

You can book your theory test online here (or here if you’re in Northern Ireland) and it only takes about ten minutes to complete the booking if you have your driving license number and a credit card handy.

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