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Highway code signsThis study test will help you learn the highway code road signs and traffic signals. There are 156 official revision test questions and each includes explanatory text alongside it to help you learn.

An excellent study resource we highly recommend is Know Your Traffic Signs which contains all highway code signs.

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    This type of sign will warn you of hazards ahead. Make sure you look at each sign that you pass on the road, so that you do not miss any vital instructions or information.

Quick tips for learning UK road signs

Circle signs give orders

Circle road sign

Triangle signs warn

Triangle road sign

Rectangle signs inform

Rectangle road sign
Blue circle signs generally give mandatory instructions
Blue circle road sign
Red circle signs indicate things you must not do
Blue rectangle signs are for information, but on motorways they are for directions
Blue rectangle road sign
Green rectangle signs are for directions on primary routes
Green rectangle road sign
White rectangle signs are for directions on non-primary routes, or for plates used in combination with warning and regulatory signs
Rectangle road sign
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