Tips for driving economically

Driving economically will reduce fuel costsCar running costs can be a big part of your budget if you use your vehicle regularly. Driving economically can help keep this in check so here are a few things to consider.

1. Drive to the speed limit

This sounds simple enough but even going over the speed limit by a small amount can increase the amount of fuel your car uses. Stick to the speed limit and as well as being safer, you’ll save on fuel.

2. Drive smoothly

Your passengers will certainly appreciate it and so will your wallet. Smooth acceleration uses less fuel than putting your foot down hard so go easy on the throttle.

3. Remove unnecessary weight

Extra weight means your engine has to work harder requiring more fuel. So remove any extra weight that doesn’t need to be there. Don’t leave the golf clubs in the boot all the time for example. Having items in your car can be tempting for a thief as well, and even if they still break in it means there is less for them to take.

4. Remove roof racks

Roof racks are a great way to transport large items such as mountain bikes. But when you’re not using them they still create drag and reduce the aerodynamic quality of your vehicle. This means your engine needs to work harder than it does without them for the same performance and therefore use more fuel.

5. Keep your tyres properly inflated

Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can be dangerous as your car won’t perform as well as it should with correctly inflated tyres. But as well as this, under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption and mean they wear out more quickly, so it’s a no brainer to keep them correctly inflated.

6. Be frugal with the use of air con

If you put your car in neutral and watch the revs then turn on the air con, you’ll see that your car’s engine starts working harder to maintain the air con. Obviously air con can make life a lot more pleasant on a long hot journey but bear in mind that there is a cost for using it.

7. Keep your car well maintained

Small problems with a vehicle can easily be fixed for a small cost. But left unattended to they can become significantly more difficult and expensive to deal with, especially with things like rust. “A stitch in time saves nine” so the saying goes. So don’t delay if you notice a problem with your car. Get it sorted asap.

Here are some more economical driving tips.