Tips for being a sober driver

Being the sober driver is an important role in ensuring you and your friends have a great night out and return home safely. Here are a few tips that can make it a bit easier. Before we start you may like to watch this video – it’s scary!

1. Don’t be tempted to change your mind and drink!

Whatever you do, remain sober. You have a responsibility to your friends to look after them. It’ll be someone else’s turn to be sober driver next time and you can have a drink then.

2. Don’t let them distract you

A car full of people out for a good time and with a few drinks under their belts can be pretty rowdy to say the least. Make sure things stay under control and don’t let them distract you from driving safely.

3. Don’t let your friends drink in the car

You might seem like a bit of a party pooper if you’re strict on this, but it will help to keep things under control while you’re driving and hopefully minimise the distractions to some extent. It’ll also mean there are no accidental spills en route.

4. Be extra careful as your passengers can be unpredictable

In all likelihood you’re driving at night and with a perhaps excitable bunch in your vehicle. It’s important that you are still able to concentrate on your driving. You’ll have to be extra careful in case something unexpected happens.

5. Make sure your passengers all wear their seatbelts

Obviously your friends are normally quite capable of looking after themselves in this regard but after a couple of drinks they may easily forget these simple things. Before you set off just check that everyone is buckled up.

6. Have some moral support from another sober person

In case your passengers get too carried away with the evening it can help to have someone else in the car that is sober, preferably in the front seat. You may also find it nice to have someone to have an intelligent conversion with as the night goes on!

7. Drop your passengers off somewhere safe

If you’re dropping your friends off and then going to find a park, make sure you’ve parked somewhere they can get out of the vehicle safely. They may be less inclined to check carefully before jumping out of the vehicle so stop somewhere you know they’ll be safe in any case. If you have to walk to or from the vehicle on your own be careful to park in a well lit street and avoid anywhere that looks dodgy or have a friend stay with you in the vehicle so you’re not on your own.

Above all, be sensible, keep an eye on your pals, and have fun!