Roundabout rules

Roundabout rulesThe UK is full of roundabouts: there are big ones, small ones, easy ones and some really scary ones such as the infamous magic roundabout in Swindon. At first glance they can seem complex and overwhelming but, like all aspects of learning to drive, the more familiar with them you are, the easier they are to negotiate. Yes, the more you practise the easier it gets.

The main thing to remember with roundabouts is to always give way to your right. But to help you come to grips with how roundabouts work, here is a quick test of just six questions about roundabout rules so you can see how well you understand them. As always make sure you consult the official highway code as well.

Roundabout rules from the driver’s perspective

Application of roundabout rules – the infamous Magic roundabout

This is the sort of roundabout that appears in the nightmares of learner drivers. It’s in Swindon, but even if you don’t live anywhere near it you may still encounter something similar one day so it pays to know the rules. But don’t worry, even experienced drivers still find this one a little daunting!

The magic roundabout sign, Swindon

Ok, so now you know all about roundabouts, try the highway code signs test.