Study tips for remembering road signs

The prospect of being able to drive is a very exciting thing! But of course before you can get to the actual stage of driving, there is the learner license test that you must study for, and most importantly, pass.

When you first read through the highway code book and see the many, many road signs in existence, you may feel that there is so much to learn that it can be a bit daunting to think how you will ever remember it all. But here are some handy study tips that we hope will help you get to grips with your road signs study and improve your chances of passing your theory test.

Check out the official highway code website

The official highway code website has loads and loads of information on it. It outlines all the rules of the road for the United Kingdom as well as providing neat little diagrams of things like who gives way at intersections, what the different traffic signs mean and so on. It’s an absolutely essential study resource for learner drivers.

Use the free road signs test on this website

It’s a great resource for learning about all the different traffic signs that exist around the UK, and there are a lot! There is a wide range of traffic signs and signals included as well as helpful hints to help you learn them.

Get a physical copy of the official highway code book

Even in this digital age, you can’t beat a good old fashioned book. They’re great for putting post it notes on, highlighting certain sections, folding over pages, underlining bits, writing your own notes on and so on. It also means that you have the most up to date information in a form that you can trust.

Work with the information in different ways

Using different study techniques can help a great deal. Try rewriting things in your own words, creating flash cards with each fact on them, getting your friends and family to test you, slapping post it notes around your bedroom, teaching the rules to someone else and so on!

Identify every road sign you see

Make an agreement with yourself that you will identify the meaning of every road sign you pass you your daily life. So whether you’re on the bus, walking or getting a ride with someone. Check them out. And if you find one you don’t know, then make sure you find out the meaning when you get home.

Good luck with your studies!